Hawaii, Day 4

Well folks, it’s our last day in Hawaii. I wanted to get a picture to sum up our few days here. I wanted to show you how it smells, how the breeze feels, and let you touch the water. That’s all impossible, of course. My pictures can’t even show just how blue the water is or how bright the flowers are- you really have to see it to believe it. So instead, here’s something that’s quintessentially Hawaiian. Enjoy.

Spam musubi, fresh and warm!


3 thoughts on “Hawaii, Day 4

  1. Hey Katie,

    finally had a chance to check out your blog and glad to see your trip is now underway! I’m leaving China for Australia on Monday and looking forward to running into you at some point (hey, remember that time we ran into each other at disney world? I’m imagining something similar, except by the Sydney Opera House or something).

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