Hello from the Southern Hemisphere

We didn’t have much of an October 26th. We took off from Hawaii at 8 a.m. and crossed the International Date Line shortly after. Actually, we crossed the IDL around the same time as we crossed the equator, which was very exciting. For both of us, it’s our first time below the equator (although we have both been to Singapore, which lies just barely in the northern hemisphere.) October 27th, then, was mostly spent on an airplane, because to get to Australia you’ve got to get much, much further past the equator. After a brief layover in Sydney, we caught our evening flight to Auckland.

We went up the Sky Tower on our first full day in Auckland, the 28th. Sky Tower, for those of you keeping track, is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. About the geography: Auckland has not one but two harbours. (And since I’m in a Commonwealth country now, I’ll be using Commonwealth spelling. Right-o.) And it’s got 48 volcanic cones in the metropolitan area. Here’s the view we got:

Auckland Harbour and Harbour Bridge

I thought Auckland was a rather boring place to really kick off our trip, and Sydney would have been a much more auspicious destination, but it’s turned out to be an interesting city. I’m glad we included it.


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