The Great Ocean Road

Well, one thing has become clear to me over the past few weeks: I won’t be able to continue posting a photo of the day, at least not in Australia. We’re travelling with our friends now, who have a computer, but wifi is generally not free (at several places, including hostels and campgrounds, I’ve seen $10 per hour.) You live, you learn. I want to post more often and share more trip details, but I can’t justify paying that much.

Instead, I’ll focus on certain places and share several photos at once. Lately I have begun to realize how much more I enjoy nature than big cities, so my favourite places tend to be sights of natural beauty. Our road trip took us first to Melbourne and then to Adelaide, which all four of us agreed were great cities (except, in the case of Melbourne, for driving in.) We enjoyed typical city-type sightseeing: visiting museums, wandering around ethnic neighbourhoods, patronizing funky cafes. However, my favourite part was actually the journey between them. Melbourne and Adelaide are linked by a freeway that cuts straight over, as well as a two-lane highway that hugs the coast. Part of this road is, appropriately, called the Great Ocean Road, which is one of Australia’s famous scenic drives, akin to the Pacific Coastal Highway in California. If you look at a map, you’ll see the coast road is much longer. But we had heard it was scenic, so we decided to take it. We spread the driving over two days, so we’d have plenty of time to stop off and see the sights.

Most of the sights are clustered around Port Campbell. I’ll share these photos in the order that we saw them, from east to west.

The wild Southern Ocean

Two of the Twelve Apostles

Four more of the Twelve Apostles

Loch Ard Gorge

This is imaginatively named "The Arch"

"London Bridge"- it used to be connected to the mainland, but it collapsed in 1990, leaving two very surprised tourists stranded but unhurt

The Grotto


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