Balinese Art and Architecture

No wonder Bali’s so popular. It’s absolutely enchanting. I loved the look of it. There are glassy rice fields just about everywhere you look, and their unique style of architecture is seamlessly integrated into modern towns. The sculpture is magnificent as well. One finds many characters scattered around, playing the role of protector.

Protecting a government building

Protecting an intersection

A Barong, a Balinese protective lion, appears often.

One day, we even got to see a Barong dance!

The barong makes his entrance

There are several types of traditional Balinese dance, and these are popular tourist attractions. We watched the Legong dance as well, which is a story about the good guys defeating a group of evil witches.

The good guy confronts the witches

No question, though; the temple gates were my most favorite.

A typical temple gate- yes, they're all this ornate

I know you’re wondering: “What about the beaches?” Hmm… how should I put this: “Just ok.” I think there are more impressive beaches on Bali, but I didn’t go to them, and neither do many tourists. When most people think “Bali,” they don’t think of the whole island (which is actually quite big,) they think “Kuta.” This is Kuta Beach, the most heavily touristed strip of sand.

Kuta Beach- reminds me quite a bit of the Atlantic Ocean


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