Before leaving home, we didn’t set any time limit on our trip; we just said that we’d travel until we got tired of it or until the money ran out, whichever came first. Actually, neither of those things happened. Once on the road, we figured out a comfortable travel pace, and we accepted that it might take us about a year and a half to finish our planned trip. Since we’d just been in Japan for three years, eighteen months away from home felt too long. Then there was the complication of the Arab Spring in some of the Middle Eastern countries we were planning to visit. We made several contingency plans, but after checking flights and climate charts, we eventually settled on traveling overland through Europe. Our final itinerary ended up looking like this (black lines for flights, red represents overland travel):

Seattle, Oct 18-21
Hawaii, Oct 22-26
New Zealand, Oct 27-Nov 19
Australia, Nov 20-Jan 13
Indonesia, Jan 14-Feb 4
Singapore, Feb 5-12
Malaysia, Feb 12-26
Thailand, Feb 27-Mar 14
Cambodia, Mar 15-27
Malaysia, Mar 28-Apr 13
Myanmar/Burma, Apr 14-22
Thailand, Apr 23-27
Laos, Apr 28-May 10
China, May 11-Jun 7
Mongolia, Jun 8-19
Russia, Jun 20-Jul 19
Ukraine, Jul 20-26
Poland, Jul 27-Aug 1
Czech Republic, Aug 2-9
Austria, Aug 10-22
Germany, Aug 23-26
France, Aug 26-Sept 7
Spain, Sept 8-20
France, Sept 20-29
Iceland, Sep 29-Oct 4

Our original itinerary looked like this. After Australia and Asia, our original idea was to travel overland from eastern Europe through Turkey to the Middle East, and then see southern Africa and some of South America. We’d still like to visit all the places we missed, and plan on doing some extended trips in the future.


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