Ulaan Baatar

Ulaanbaatar by day View from Narantuul Hotel Ulaanbaatar by night Mongolian Parliament View from Sukhbaatar Square State Department Store The first Lenin statue of the tripGate at Gandan Khiid Monastery Gandan Khiid Prayer hall, Gandan Khiid Prayer wheels, Gandan Khiid Bob spins the prayer wheels Stupa, Gandan Khiid 23.5m Avalokiteshvara statue, Gandan Khiid  Ulaanbaatar Railway Station

Khustai National Park

Hills, Khustai National Park Bob, Khustai National Park Katie, Khustai National Park  Small pink flowers Tiny blue and purple flowers Mongolian ladybugHiking in KhustaiOvoo Przewalski's horses, Khustai National Park Przewalski's horse  Watching Przewalski's horses Przewalski's horses Przewalski's horses, sunset Sunset in Khustai Mongolian violets Sunset, Khustai National Park


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