Downtown Singapore, Chinatown, and Kampung GlamKatie and Adam at St. Andrew's Cathedral Sir Stamford Raffles' hotel Mosque, Kampung Glam neighborhood Muslim cemeteryHindu templeShopping mall all decked out with Chinese New Year decorations The Marina Sands, as seen through the double helix bridge

River Hongbao Festival Bunny ears (Year of the Rabbit)One of many giant rabbit dioramas River Hongbao Festival on a Friday night

Chingay Parade Ingredients in a Chinese New Year parade: Gods of Fortune... As many dragons as possible... Pyrotechnics...  And a gigantic God of Fortune, because why not? Dancing flowersThe Singapore Zoo sent some zebras And some giraffes and trees It was crazy and over-the-top in the way only Asian parades can be Participants from a Japanese group in Singapore More Japanese participantsFireworks over the harbor


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